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Off Grid Electricity in Remote Alaska – Honda Generators

Off-Grid Electricity in Romote Alaska Video Transript, first seen on YouTube at : For most of the year, or I’d say at least during all the one run a generator to electricity but the generator typically just to run the house runs the battery charger and the power for the house comes off the inverter which you can hear running right now probably one or two of their refrigerators is running but we also run a bunch of lights in the house for plants to keep all the house plants alive for the winter because we don’t have we lose the Sun completely over the hill behind us for a couple months so just to keep everything alive for the next year have to run generator about 12 hours a day the little Honda was the big one that we use for a couple years and it’s got over I think I’ve figured ten to twelve thousand hours on it now while ago I installed an extended run system on it with the marine tank six gallon tank which only fill with a small little two and a half gallon gas can here once a day typically in the winter time if we’re running this one most of the time now we run the the big generator in the winter just to have some extra leeway as far as load goes and to keep the heavy loads off the small generator there once they get the running those pretty much similar loads they’re all run about the same efficiency exhaust is plumbed outside with just flex pipe here nothing fancy so I have the end taken off of this guy over here but these are some of the greatest generators if I were to need one generator and not have to worry about super heavy loads a Honda mm definitely would be would be it the only thing that’s ever been done to it is I had to fix the recoil the pull cord there which broke I had a few of issues with it a couple years ago but I think it was problems with the when this is the original cap here which I modified for with this bulkhead fitting but had problems with it that letting air through SOI was like it felt like it was running out of gas great great great generators really expensive for us in Fairbanks but you know there it’s well worth it the only thing that this thing can’t run is a compressor I don’t think it quite has the punch for it I got to run the big 4600 watt Yamaha generator we have all in the shop to be on a run that but it will run anything else it will run of my welder down here any power tools and with the Eco throttle it really just throttles down saves tons of fuel that’s great love them very very very very much. This was the transcript for Off-Grid Electricity in Romote Alaska.