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Fuel Cells Hydrogen Off grid electricity for homes

Fuel Cells Hydrogen Off grid electricity for homes video transcript: This could power a u.s. home. Average united higher house entire house 24/7 365 something that small baby make it is in two plots this is a European home the two put together is a u.s. home because we use twice as much energy and this is our four Asian homes so four homes in India your absolute if country four to six films in our cousins off with dazzling it is real it works he says he knows it works because he originally invented a similar device for NASA he really is a rocket scientist this invention working on Mars would have allowed the NASA Administrator to pick up a phone and say mr. president we know how to produce oxygen on Mars so this was going to produce oxygen so people could actually live on Mars absolutely when NASA scrapped that Mars mission kr had an idea he reversed his Mars machine so instead of making oxygen he pumped oxygen in he invented a new kind of fuel cell which is like a very skinny battery that always runs KR feeds oxygen to it on one side and fuel on the other the two combine within the cell to create a chemical reaction that produces electricity no need for burning or combustion no need for power lines from an outside source Michael Kanellis is the editor in chief of the website greentech media you’re very skeptical I can see this obviously I’m skeptical and hopeful but I’m skeptical because people have tried fuel cells for since the 1830s and they’re great ideas right you know I just need a producing energy at an instant but they’re not easy they’re like the Divas of industrial equipment you have to put platinum inside there you’ve got to put zirconium the little plates inside have to work not just for an hour or a day but they have to work for 30 years non-stop and then the box has to be cheap to make one thing stoking his skepticism KR has been hyper secretive no sign on his building a dick website and no public progress reports given the stealthiness we were surprised when KR showed us for the very first time how he makes the secret sauce of his fuel cell on the cheap actually I feel like I’m on a cooking show you’re Martha Stewart absolutely so let’s take their cooking analogy okay start with the flour the flour okay what is that that is beach sand its beach sand ocean beaches in multiple continents has this material in abundance he said he bakes the sand and cuts it into little squares okay so this is beach sand turned magically into that into a ceramic yeah into a ceramic and then he coats it with green and black inks that he developed okay is it a secret formula there is a secret formula okay I can take that and you apply that you paint that on either side of this white ceramic to get a green layer and a black way and that’s it that’s it that’s to what I’m holding in my hand is a few stuff this is the fuel service this is your skinny and this’ll you do generate power this will generate power one disk powers one light bulb the taller the stack of disks the more power it generates in between each disk there’s a metal plate but instead of platinum kr uses a cheap metal alloy the stacks are the heart of the Bloom Box put 64 of them together and you get something big enough to power say a Starbucks so this is it kr offered to give me a sneak peek inside the bloom box nobody has seen this before are you gonna let me look inside absolute okay why not this is uh so go ahead here we go okay Oh all those modules that we saw go into this big box fuel goes in air goes in outcomes electricity is the Bloom Box intended to get rid of the grid the Bloom Box is intended to replace the grid we power its customers it’s cheaper than the grid it’s cleaner than the grid but now won’t the utility companies see this as a threat and try to crush bloom no I think the utility companies will see this as a solution all they need to do is buy bloom boxes put them in the substation or the neighborhood and sell that electricity and they’ll buy these boxes they buy nuclear power plants they buy gas turbines from General Electric to make power you still need fuel many past fuel cells failed because they needed expensive pure hydrogen not this box our system can use fossil fuels like natural gas our system can use renewable fuels like landfill gas biogas solar we can use solar you know it’s very difficult for us to come in here to make an evaluation how are we supposed to know whether what you’re saying is true why don’t we talk to our first customers these four units have been powering a Google Data Center for 18 months they use natural gas but half as much as would be required for a traditional power plant kr told us that three weeks in at Google suddenly one of the boxes just stopped your heart just drops Japan ik for a short while yes he fixed that then there was another incident the air filters clogged up and air is not coming into the system because the highway is kicking dirt you just flip the system around and the problem is gone another company that’s bought and is testing the Bloom box so kr can work out the kinks is eBay its boxes are on the lawn in the middle of its campus in San Jose these things fuel almost 15% of the power on this campus John Donahoe the CEO of eBay says it’s five boxes were installed nine months ago and have already saved the company more than $100,000 in electricity costs it’s been very successful as far they’ve done that they said they would do eBay x’ boxes run on biogas made from landfill waste so their carbon neutral Donoho took us up to the roof to show off the company’s more than 3000 solar panels but they generate a lot less electricity than the boxes on the lawn so this on five buildings acres and acres and acres yes the footprint for bloom is much more efficient when you average it over seven days a week 24 hours a day the Bloom Box puts out five times as much power that we can actually use but not everyone is convinced that even if the technology works bloom that now makes one box a day we’ll ever be able to be as big as this backers say going from a few to mass manufacture is going to be tough and then making them so people won’t run away at the price tag you know it needs to be cheaper than solar it needs to be cheaper than wind what if he can get the price way down he claims he can and if he if he can the problem is then GE and Siemens and other conglomerates probably can do the same thing I mean they have fuel cell patents they have research teams that have looked at this what do you think the chances are that in 10 plus years you and I will each have a Bloom Box in our basements? 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